Why Are We Unique

Finland All Natural Ingredients Skincare Face Oil

Beauty Inspired by the Purity of Nature

Established in 2012, the luxury brand L.A. Christine began creating the finest natural skincare products inspired by the Finnish origins of founder Lea Anne Christine Fulton.

For centuries, Scandinavia has been renowned for creating many of the world's most sought-after skin treatments. Saunas, spas, arctic berries, natural ingredients and other elements of a healthy lifestyle are at the center of both the Finnish culture and the L.A. Christine brand.

L.A. Christine's signature product – No 3 Berry Face Oil – is adored by Hollywood makeup artists and beauty buffs around the globe. For immediately visible results and healthy radiant skin, there’s nothing like it!

 L.A. Christine's Proprietary Berry Blend

The Finnish Lingonberry (“puolukka” in Finnish) is one of the most unique rare berries and highest anti-oxidant in the world. Due to the very short growth period in the Arctic, they become intensely concentrated with more nourishing strength. They contain 30% more vitamin C than the blueberry. Lingonberry is indigenous only to the Scandinavian - Arctic region. They grow naturally in the forest and can not be cultivated. They contain no pesticides and are hand picked!

The Nordic Wild Raspberry is brimming with vitamins and minerals which dramatically enhance the skin’s elasticity and reduce age spots

We also have the Brazilian Açai Berry which is the Southern Cousin of the Nordic Berries. It is a warm-climate berry harvested from palm trees in South America. The Açai Berry is infused with omega fatty acids, concentrated vitamins & minerals with anti-inflammatory properties.