Our Story

No 3 Berry Face Oil, Serum,Lingonberry, Wild Raspberry, Acai Berry, L.A. Christine, All Natural SkincareI was born in Helsinki, Finland, Arctic nature. Finland is a land of extremes. From cold dark winters to warm light summers and beautiful clean nature. Life blessed me to live with my family in many other parts of Europe – England, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia - always adapting to different weather climates. This was difficult for my dry and sensitive skin. I needed a skin care solution for myself and my family. 

Along with a passion for my children, family, health, beauty and my work in the entertainment industry, I was lucky to meet one of the top beauty experts and several top make up artists. Every woman, man and teenager was seeking that perfect youthful look and healthy glowing skin!

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Lea Fulton Founder L.A. Christine. Face Oil, Serum, Moisturizer, Primer, Dry or Oily SkinAfter moving to Southern California, I decided to begin my career's “Second Act”. For my signature product, I wanted to roll all of my experience and knowledge into creating a product that would protect, nourish, hydrate, balance and smooth all skin types and be uniquely Finnish! I was fortunate to have a good team around me. My product development advisor has over 40 years international beauty experience. Combined with my years in entertainment media, we have more than 60 years of industry experience to cover all the bases. Even more important we share a Finnish background and vision to bring our heritage and products to you. In 2012 L.A. Christine Holdings, LLC was established and began creating the finest natural skincare products under the luxury brand L.A. Christine.      Buy Now No 3 Berry Face Oil

Lea Anne Christine Henelius - Fulton