3 Simple Steps to Beautiful Glowing Skin


No. 1 Berry Face Cleansing & Toning Mist


Shake well before use. Spray No 1 Berry Face Cleansing & Toning Mist onto a cotton pad and wipe face and neck areas. Use morning and evening for maximum results. Excellent makeup remover.


No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant


Use 1 or 2 times per week. Use a cotton pad or face towel and dampen your face and neck with water.

Place 3 small scoops of No 2 Berry Exfoliant in the palm of your hand. Either apply directly to your dampened skin or add a few drops of No 3 Berry Face Oil to create a soothing polish paste and apply. Avoid your eyes.

Using your finger tips, gently message in circular motions the entire areas you wish to cleanse. Rinse your face with clean luke warm water. Pat dry with soft towel. Follow with No 3 Berry Face Oil Face to moisturize your skin.


No. 3 Berry Face Oil


Shake well before use. Store the bottle out of direct sunlight.

DAY: Apply a small amount (3 or 4 drops) of face oil to clean skin. Pat into your skin. It will help your makeup or sunscreen go on smoother for a perfect look.

It is also good for after sun use for hydration and soothing the skin. You can also use it under your cream for maximum protection.

NIGHT: Apply a little bit more than the day amount of face oil to clean damp skin. It will help restore elasticity which diminishes as we age and give your skin a healthy glow.

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