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#DesignerInterview — LA Christine

Meet the founder behind the uniquely Finnish skincare cosmetics, Lea L.A.C. Henelius — Fulton. 1. Why did you start your business in your city? Los Angeles I live in Los Angeles and California is a huge market for all natural products. Also, being from Finland our European story is unique in the business community. 2. What is your favourite spot in your city and why? Los Angeles Beach Los Angeles has many favorite spots from beaches to downtown artistic communities to the mountain for outdoors. 3. What do you love about having your own shop/brand?  I love the entire process of creating my brand, creating the products from the idea stage to completion. The ability to work for myself and have high...

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Are Exotic Oils the Next Little Black Dress?

    Natural skin care has roots that stretch as far back as ancient Egypt. Without having access to the scientific advancements available today, they realized the pro-youth, nourishing and hydrating benefits of certain botanical ingredients and oils in skin care. Although some natural healers have carried on the practice of using botanical oils, somewhere along the way, oils fell out of common use. Today, a great deal is known about extracting and refining these oils in order to unlock their powerful potential—and demand for exotic oils is growing. These, however, aren’t your average oils—they are light, silky, able to be absorbed and refined to deeply nourish the skin; and they should be a staple in every client’s regimen—just like the little...

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Why Do Scandinavian Women have such Great Skin?

After New York, London, and Milan, we look to Paris for the final week of the fashion month whirlwind. Though we still have much to take in (Céline! Chanel! Dior!), there have been some standout beauty trends that have already defined the season. We've seen plenty of wet comb-overs and just-bitten lip stains, but it's not the hair and makeup that have truly taken center stage. Spring 2015 has been all about skin: dewy, glowing, healthy skin.             Scandinavian women, models or not, seem to have that enviable youthful glow at all ages (just look at Helena Christensen!). What is it about these Nordic locations that result in such clear, firm skin? We reached out...

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