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Indie Beauty Profile - Lea Anne Christine Fulton founder of L.A. Christine

Indie Beauty Profile Lea Anne Christine Fulton, L.A. Christine By …as told to Deanna Utroske, 26-Jun-2017 In her Indie Beauty Profile, Lea Anne Christine Fulton, founder of L.A. Christine, talks about her brand’s version of multi-channel retail, which spans pop-ups and direct TV, and she describes how her Finnish heritage infuses everything about the brand, from the ingredients used in each natural skin care product formula to her own work ethic. (read article) http://www.cosmeticsdesign.com/Brand-Innovation/Indie-Beauty-Profile-Lea-Anne-Christine-Fulton-L.A.-Christine      

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European Scandinavian Secrets

by Lea Anne Christine Fulton, founder of L.A. Christine published: Dermascope Magazine Oil versus creams is a big topic today. Superior facial oils foster anti-aging since they are quickly absorbed into the epidermis. It nourishes and replenishes the suppleness of the cell membrane and works with the body’s own natural oils to balance the skin. All skin types, whether dry, normal or oily bene t with oils. Today’s luxury spas and aestheticians know the powerful results of premium luxurious facial oil. And I know European Scandinavian secrets! With my Finnish genetics and knowledge, I understand that the Finnish have a deep heritage of protecting and nourishing skin the natural way. Saunas, cold water cleansing, and the unique secret of Scandinavian...

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