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Wild Berry Season

Summer in Finland is the time for berries. Lush green forest floors are covered with millions of various wild berries. Over 12 million forest hectares in Finland have been certified as organic, including the whole forest area of Lapland—9 million hectares. Thus, this territory became the world’s largest organic area.

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Indie Beauty Profile - Lea Anne Christine Fulton founder of L.A. Christine

Indie Beauty Profile Lea Anne Christine Fulton, L.A. Christine By …as told to Deanna Utroske In her Indie Beauty Profile.

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Are Exotic Oils the Next Little Black Dress?

Natural skin care has roots that stretch as far back as ancient Egypt. Without having access to the scientific advancements available today, they realized the pro-youth, nourishing and hydrating benefits of certain botanical ingredients and oils in skin care.

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