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ECO BEAUTY DIARIES – PRODUCTS I AM LOVING LATELY PART I {SKINCARE} august 3, 2017 I’m currently obsessed with LA Christine’s celebrity makeup artist adored “No.3 Berry Face Oil” Dubbed “magic in the blue bottle”, this signature product from LA Christine contains a blend of berries that provide a powerful antioxidant punch! It features the Finnish Lingonberry, a unique and rare berry that only grows in the Scandinavian-Arctic region and has many amazing benefits for the skin! Key Ingredients: Finnish Lingonberry – high antioxidant content, anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin’s E & C Raspberry – enhances skin elasticity, helps to reduce age spots, protects skin from sun damage Brazilian Acai Berry – high in Omega EFA’s, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant Why this is worth...

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New and Warmest Wishes to all of our L.A. Christine community. We appreciate you and look forward to a joyful 2017. Best regards, Lea Fulton

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