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by Christin Lola

Scandinavia is made up of some of Europe's most northern countries. Among these are Sweden, Finland and Norway, where the temperatures are particularly low in winter. How do women take care of their complexions in such a harsh climate? What are their beauty secrets? Discover these top tips, all the way from Scandinavia...

A "banya" to regenerate the epidermis

This tradition, originally from Russia, is very popular among Scandinavians. A blend of steam room and sauna, Nordic families go together, sometimes for an entire day. The banya includes a heated "resting room", and a freezing water shower. This combination of hot and cold temperatures stimulates the organs and increases the body's resistance to external aggressions tenfold. After the experience, skin feels softer and purified.

Subtle, natural-looking makeup

Scandinavian women are masters of the natural look, understanding how to emphasize their qualities without going to excess.

To lighten blonde hair, most women simply use a drop of vinegar in their conditioner and rinse it out thoroughly. It's rare in Scandinavia to go to the salon for hair color maintenance. As for makeup: as well as regular trips to the sauna to purify the skin, they often choose to keep their complexions natural. Over perfectly cleansed skin, they apply pastel blush for a healthy-looking glow. On their lashes, most use volumizing mascara, which is more than enough to show off those piercing blue eyes!

Beauty secrets from the icy north are no longer a mystery now! Live healthily, go to the sauna regularly, and keep your makeup simple for a beautifully subtle feminine look.


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by Lea Fulton, founder

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