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#DesignerInterview — LA Christine

Meet the founder behind the uniquely Finnish skincare cosmetics, Lea L.A.C. Henelius — Fulton.

1. Why did you start your business in your city?

Los Angeles

I live in Los Angeles and California is a huge market for all natural products. Also, being from Finland our European story is unique in the business community.

2. What is your favourite spot in your city and why?

Los Angeles Beach

Los Angeles has many favorite spots from beaches to downtown artistic communities to the mountain for outdoors.

3. What do you love about having your own shop/brand?

 I love the entire process of creating my brand, creating the products from the idea stage to completion. The ability to work for myself and have high quality which helps people.


4. Describe your brand/boutique in three words.

Natural, Quality, Solutions.


5. What is your favourite item from this season’s collection?

This season the complete Ultimate Skin Care Regimen of all 3 products.


6. What inspired your latest collection?

My background from Finland for the love of nature, berries, healthy lifestyle and all natural living.

7. Three must-have items in anyone’s wardrobe?

Three items in skincare are our 3 products: No.1 Berry Face Cleansing and Toning Mist, No.2 Berry Face Exfoliant, No.3 Berry Face Oil.

8. What do you do when you want to get your creative juice flowing?

I create vision boards and listen to music.


9. What would you be doing if not this?

Producing film and tv shows.


10. Proudest moment of your career?

When I saw the very first product in the bottle and knew my ideas and work had arrived. Then being chosen for national television on CBS The Talk and high profile awards shows like Golden Globes and Billboard Music Awards.

11. Best advice anyone’s given you?

Believe in your own vision. There are thousands telling you how to change it but stay the course. You know what you are all about!

12. Favourite fashion movie.

Devil Wears Prada !


interview by POPMAP 

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